Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers have a duty to look for and accommodate motorcyclists. When accidents occur involving motorcycles, they often cause serious injuries.

Located in Macon, Georgia, lawyer Eric Kimble Hunt help motorcyclists get the compensation they need to treat their injuries, pay their bills and support their families after a crash.

Attorney Hunt holds the record for the largest personal injury verdict in Macon County.

Motorcycle Injuries Can Be Severe

Motorcyclists are exposed on the road. They lack the protection afforded to other drivers. When accidents occur, rider injuries can be life-threatening, leaving severe, permanent injuries such as:

  • Road rash
  • Traumatic brain injuries and facial injuries
  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Burns, scarring and disfigurement
  • Amputations

Always On Your Side

After being injured in a motorcycle crash, the future may seem unclear. You may not know your rights, whether your injuries will heal or whether you will be able to return to work.

At Hunt Law Firm, LLC, we bring clarity to unclear situations. The first thing we do is educate you about your rights and your legal options. When you leave our office, you will not only know what to expect, but also know you have a dedicated legal advocate on your side.

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