Do I Have To Go To Court?

When pursuing a personal injury claim, many people wonder "Do I have to go to court?" The answer is no. But it may be the best way to maximize your right to compensation.

At Hunt Law Firm, LLC, we are known for our ability to get results. Why? Because we aren't afraid of court.

Other attorneys say they try cases, but in reality they have little experience in the courtroom. Eric Kimble Hunt is an experienced trial lawyer. However, that doesn't mean the answer is always litigation. Instead, Mr. Hunt uses his courtroom skills to negotiate better settlement agreements.

Our Approach Means Better Results

At Hunt Law Firm, LLC, we prepare every case as if litigation were inevitable. This means we thoroughly investigate the accident, interview the parties involved and any witnesses, and review police reports and medical records. How does this help?

Insurance companies know we've done the groundwork and are ready for court at a moment's notice. They know that we know what your claim is worth, and will not hesitate to take it to litigation if they fail to offer fair compensation.

The result is often larger compensation awards.

Why You Need A Litigator

Negotiation and settlement won't always give you the compensation you deserve. If insurance companies refuse to play fair, you need an experienced litigator with the skills and experience necessary to fight for your rights in court.

Eric Kimble Hunt does just that. And he gets results. He holds the record for obtaining the largest jury verdict in Macon County. He will fight to maximize your compensation.

If you were injured in an accident, you are entitled to compensation. We will help you get it. Call our Macon, Georgia, firm at 478-474-5626 or contact us online. Consultations are free, and cases are taken on a contingency basis — you don't pay us unless we get compensation for you.